11th Album


kita kouhei 11th Full Album “Idealism II” Digest    – Ambient , Drone , Experimental Music , Electronic –




An original experimental ambient world that resonates with nature

Kita Kouhei’s 11th album. His trademark ArrayMbira, which plays a tone like water, children’s glocken, a somewhat comical and warm kalimba, and an analogue with a cloudy texture. Synths, old tape noise, field recordings, etc., layer comfortably on top of each other. In addition, this time, the focus is on the “intervals” of the sound space, making the most of the atmosphere where you can enjoy the attenuation and reverberation of the sound, expressing an experimental original ambient world that fuses electronics and acoustic sound.

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► 北 航平_kita kouhei 11th Ful Album『Idealism II』


01. Idealism (Ripples) 観念論 – 波紋
02. Gold Dust 砂金
03. Basilica Cistern 地下聖堂
04. Relief 安堵
05. Idealism (Pendulum) 観念論 – 振子
06. Morning Fills The Meadow 草原に満ちる朝
07. Awareness 気づき
08. Your Parting Gift 置きみやげ
09. Idealism (Afterglow) 観念論 – 残光
10. Tiny Euphoria 小さなユーフォリア
11. Ayakashi あやかし
12. Hidden Moon 隠れた月

北 航平 – 作曲 / 編曲 / 打楽器全般 / アレイムビラ / カリンバ  / ピアノ / アナログシンセ / グロッケン
環境音 / プログラミング / レコーディング / ミキシング / マスタリング / アートワーク

– クレジット –

all songs written, composed, performed, mixed, mastered, artwork designed and produced by kita kouhei
recorded at studio guzli, kyoto, japan 2023

all songs titled by takayama naoko

artwork drawn by yamada kai

released by neuf