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kita kouhei 5th Full Album “Mime Sketch” Digest    – Ambient , Drone , Experimental Music , Electronic , –


ゲストにピアノ・平井真美子氏、マスタリングにChihei Hatakeyama氏を迎える。』



そして、これまでの全てのソロ作品と同様に、マスタリングには世界的アンビエントアーティストChihei Hatakeyama氏を迎え、コーラスと全曲のタイトル考案にはcoconoeの高山奈帆子が引き続き参加し、ジャケットはサウンドイメージをより深く想起させるアートワークを北航平自ら手掛ける。』

The soundscape, born from quiet introspection, floats up to the sky, as if it had fallen into the darkness of the heart. It should be very personal, and eventually it goes beyond the distinction between “self” and “someone” and continues to connect and spread freely. All of the carefully selected sounds centered around ArrayMbira become delicate fine particles that permeate and smooth out the wrinkles of the shrunken heart.

In addition, Mamiko Hirai, a pianist and musician who has worked on a lot of music for movies, CM / TV programs, etc. and has outstanding playing ability to bring music to life, participated in this work as a guest. A pure, unrestrained, sometimes quiet, butoh-like performance that explodes with passion, adding color to this work along with the singing of the three birds that live with her.

And, like all the solo works so far, the mastering will welcome world-famous ambient drone artist Chihei Hatakeyama. The chorus and the title of all songs will be devised by Takayama Naoko (coconoe). Kita Kouhei creates the artwork design that evokes the sound image more deeply.

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► 北 航平_kita kouhei 5th Ful Album『マイムスケッチ – Mime Sketch』


01. 奇術師 – Illusionist – 03:17
02. マイムスケッチ #1 – Mime Sketch #1 – 03:30
03. マイムスケッチ #2 – Mime Sketch #2 – 05:14
04. 時の回廊 – Time Corridor – 05:50
05. 猫と海岸線 – The Cat And Shoreline – 06:51
06. フライトマインド – Flight Mind – 07:03 *
07. 白い貝殻の道 – Path Of White Shells – 06:50 *
08. 月の水琴窟 – SUIKINKUTSU in The Moon – 06:24
09. 墨染めの夜 – Dyed Black Night – 06:31
10. 生まれる前の記憶 – Memories Before Birth – 08:21

北 航平 – 作曲 / 編曲 / 打楽器全般 / アレイムビラ / カリンバ / ピアノ / アナログシンセ 環境音 / プログラミング / レコーディング / ミキシング / アートワーク
*06 & 07 feat. 平井 真美子 – ピアノ / プリペアドピアノ / 環境音

– クレジット –

all songs written, composed, performed, mixed and produced by kita kouhei

recorded at studio guzli, kyoto, japan 2019-2021

except : chorus, voice (track 2, 3) and all songs titled by takayama naoko a.k.a. carneiro
voice and purring sound (track 3, 5) by cello the cat
electric bass (track 3) by shingo mimura
chorus (track 3) by : saori tsutsumi
chorus (track 3) and photo by : tano shirou a.k.a. najuta
child laughter (track 3) by : yamada kai

piano, prepared piano (track 6, 7) by mamiko hirai
voice (track 6, 7) by matinée, journée, soirée

mastered by chihei hatakeyama
artwork drawn by kita yukie
artwork designed by kita kouhei

released by neuf