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kita kouhei 3rd Full Album “Imbalance Order And World” Digest    – Experimental Music , Electronic , Ambient , Contemporary Music –

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『京都を拠点に活動し類い稀な才能を持つ音楽家/打楽器奏者である北 航平、くるり岸田繁も推薦した前作を遥に凌ぐ待望の3rdアルバム”Imbalance Order And World”が完成!』


特筆すべきM3「Ruins Of Prayer」、M7「The Gear Of Destiny」をはじめ、細やかな音の粒子が幾重にもうねりを生みながら1つの壮大な叙情詩として描かれた仕上がりに、多様なサウンドを請け負う音のプロフェッショナルとしての表現力が如何なく発揮されている。Ametsub、aus、mergrimといったメロディアスかつ流麗なサウンドのファンに大推薦! 』

Based on the lyrical electronic sound of 1st and 2nd, it is based on Arraymbira (a kind of Kalimba) which plays a very rare and very beautiful tone worldwide, as well as several musical scale percussion instruments such as Djembe and Ududrum Incorporating a vast array of percussion groups, piano and toypiano and other natural instruments such as piano and toy piano and exploring further unique style, this work established a new worldview in harmony with chaotic rhythm and beautiful melody, It will result as an incomparable and fulfilling work as if it transcends time and space, and will be handed down as one of the masterpieces that will color the second half of the 2010s.Starting with noteworthy M3 “Ruins Of Prayer”, M7 “The Gear Of Destiny”, a variety of sounds are undertaken to the finished appearance of fine spectacular lyric poetry, while fine particles of sound creates swells many times. It is demonstrated how expressive power as sound professional is.I highly recommend it to fans of melodious and elegant sounds such as Ametsub, aus, mergrim!

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► 北 航平_kita kouhei 3rd Ful Album『不均衡の秩序と世界 – Imbalance Order And World』


01. The Ebb And Flow Of The Time – 時の満ち潮 – 03:55
02. Imbalance Order And World – 不均衡の秩序と世界 – 08:21
03. Ruins Of Prayer – 廃墟の祈り – 05:43
04. Keyhole Of Meditation – 瞑想の鍵穴 – 05:29
05. Amnesia – 記憶喪失 – 05:31
06. Guardian Of The Planet – 惑星の守り神 – 05:10
07. The Gear Of Destiny – 運命の歯車 – 06:39
08. Beyond The Water Mirror – 水鏡の向こう側 – 05:09
09. Return Of Kaguya – かぐやの帰還 – 06:52
10. Where The Doubts Arrive – 疑問の行き着く先 – 05:57

– クレジット –
All Songs Written, Composed, Performed Mixed and Produced by Kita Kouhei
Recorded at Studio Guzli, Kyoto, Japan 2016-2017

Array Instruments Array Mbira Royal Mahogany Four-Octave, Rav Vast Drum Melodic Steel Tongue Drum A-Integral Scale,
Yamaha UprightPiano (old), Schoenhut ToyPiano, Blade Four-Strings Fretless Bass,
Sonor DrumSet DesignerSeries Birch Bd 20×16 Ft 14×14 Tt 10×9, Sonor Snare ArtistSeries Birch 12×4, Sonor Snare ArtistSeries Beech 13×4,
K Zildjian Hi-Hats 14, RemixSeries Hi-Hats 12, RemixSeries Breakbeats Ride 18, K Zildjian Custom Crash Thin 17, K Zildjian Custom Crash Thin 18,
Sonor Cajon Tineo, Lp Udu Drum Lp1400-C1, Rope Tuned Wood Djembe, TreeWorks Windchime Tw-Tre23, LP Finger Cymbals LP436,
And All Artistic Living Environment Sounds.

M1, 6 and 7 Vocal, Chorus and Voice by Takayama Naoko a.k.a. Carneiro

Mastered by Chihei Hatakeyama
Artwork and Design by Kita Kouhei
Photography by Yukie
Translated by Taba Shiho
All Songs Titled by Takayama Naoko a.k.a. Carneiro


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