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Completed the first album “A Halo of Light One Day” by coconoe, an ambient pop unit by three musicians, kita kouhei, shingo mimura and takayama naoko.
strange and wonder, but warm and soft. Summarize our precious days and sound debris. Ambient pop art no one knows!
Glass shakes, purring sound of cat, pencil slides on paper…
The musical pieces that are used in daily life, such as piano, bass, percussion, cello, and arraymbira (several rare instruments in Japan), make up the music. These organic sounds, carefully woven one by one, add playfulness and vitality to the seemingly chic ambient sound and excite the listener. And the melody that traces the heart and the strange harmony, the rhythm that rolls like a creature and the innocent singing voice, all harmonize like an abstract painting.
The world of sound and Japanese lyrics written in this way is kind, simple, somewhere simple, as if it links human activities on the ground with something that exists in the vast universe.

► coconoe(ココノエ) 1st Ful Album『或る日のhalo – A Halo of Light One Day』


01. 或る日のhalo – A Halo of Light One Day – 06:58
02. 星者の行進 – Universal Beings on Parade – 05:18
03. 誰もいないサーカス – Ghost Circus – 04:06
04. 神様が宿る木 – Tree for a God – 06:21
05. 12ページ – Twelve Pages – 04:49
06. 遠く、遠く、遠く – Girl Beneath The North Star – 04:31
07. 蜘蛛の糸 – The Spider’s Thread – 05:29
08. 猫のレガート – Cat Legato – 06:01
09. 天鵞絨の森の奥 – Deep in Velvet Forest – 05:39

– クレジット –
all tracks produced by coconoe

kita kouhei : drums, arraymbira, kalimba, and all percussions
shingo mimura : piano, upright bass, electric bass, guitar
takayama naoko : vocal, chorus

except : cello by sasuke mori on 3, 4, and 8 track
purring sound by cello-cat on 8 track
chorus by saori tsutsumi on 9 track

recorded at studio guzli, kyoto and akari records, kobe 2018-2019
mixed by kita kouhei and shingo mimura
mastered by shingo mimura

translated by alison watts and yoichiro tachibana
artwork drawing by unno atsutaka
artwork design by kita kouhei

released by neuf

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