Studio Equipment


– DAW System –

Computer :

APPLE iMac 3GHz 6Core Intel i5 Retina 5K 27-inch、APPLE Macbook AIR


APPLE Logic Pro X、Apple MainStage 3、Ableton Live 9

Audio I/O :

RME Fireface UCX AR+、Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1

Mixer & Controller :

Mackie 802 VLZ4、CME Pro Xkey MIDI keyboard、AKAI MPX16

Software & Plug-in :

iZotope Ozone9/Advanced、Nector2、Alloy2、Softube/TAPE、iZotope Iris 2、PREMIER SOUND FACTORY :PIANO Premier V1.8 :Shakuhachi Premier :Wind Chime Premier :Moog Premier :Tape Premier:Percussion Premier :SUITCASE Premier :Wurlitzer Premier :MELLOTRON Premier :Vintage Synth Premier2 :Acoustic Bass Premier :Bass Premier Pack :DRUM Premier、XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2、Magical 8bit Plug、Green Oak Software Crystal、NATIVE INSTRUMENTS :KINETIC METAL :SONICCOUTURE Pan Drums :SONICCOUTURE Array Mbira and Komplete 10 Ultimate and more …


– Recording&monitoring –

Monitor Speaker :


Headphone & In-Ear :

SONY MDR-CD900ST、SONY MDR-7506、AKG K240-STUDIO、SHURE SE315-CL、Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

Mic Preamp & D.I :

RME Octamic2、RUPERT NEVE DESIGNS Portico5017、RNDI-S、Radial Reamp JCR

Microphone :

ASTON MICROPHONES Spirit×2、BLUE Baby Bottle、AKG C451B STEREOPAIR、AKG D112mk2、Audio-Technica ATM-25、SENNHEISER E906、SENNHEISER E904、SENNHEISER MD421MK2、Shure BETA57A、Shure BETA91A、Shure BETA87A、Shure SM58、Shure SM57、Shure 520DX、Electro-Voice N/D967、AKG P5S、AKG LYRA USB、Shure MV88

Recorder :

TEAC X-10R OpenReel STEREO Tape Deck、TEAC AD-850 Cassette Deck、SONY TCM-900 Cassette Recorder

Effects&Pedal Effects :

Chase Bliss Audio Blooper、Chase Bliss Audio MOOD、Chase Bliss Audio Dark World、STRYMON Time Line、STRYMON BIGSKY Reverb、TC Helicon Perfom-V、ELECTRO-HARMONIX FREEZE、MASF Pedals RAPTIO、MASF Pedals SCM、MXR M108S、BOSS SUPER OverDrive SD-1、BOSS Reverb RV-6、BOSS Digital Delay DD-7、BOSS Compression Sustainer CS-3、BOSS Noise Suppressor NS-2、BOSS Tremolo TR-2、BOSS Metal Zone MT-2、BOSS RC-505 etc…

Guitar & Bass Amp :

FENDER ’65 Deluxe Reverb FSR Limited Edition、FENDER MINI ’57 TWIN-AMP、FISHMAN Loudbox Mini Charge Amplifier、YAMAHA THR5A、VOX Pathfinder Bass 10


– Other –

Video Editing Software :

Final Cut PRO X、Motion5

Digital Camera :

Nikon D3100LK、Superheadz Digital Harinezumi 2、iPhone Camera

Video Synthesizer :

Critter & Guitari ETC