coconoe 2nd Full Album “The Dolphins’ Long Dream” Digest    – Ambient , Drone , Chillout , Experimental Music –



生きるために何が必要か、何が最優先か、そんな問いの中でささやかな音楽など、掻き消されてしまいがちな今。その中で愛しむべき小さな音を丁寧にすくい取り、音楽家としての静かな営みを止めないcoconoe (ココノエ)の、自粛期間中から制作された2ndアルバム『イルカは長い夢をみる』。



Like 57 minutes of immersion in soft water. Open the “inner door” of your heart and connect with the world.

coconoe’s second album, produced during lockdown due to the COVID-19 global pandemic
Familiar mundanities such as the sound of glass, floating Japanese lyricism, soft muted piano, unique tones distorted via cassette-tape, plucks on the rare arraymbira (one of only few in Japan)… a meeting place of these, The Dolphins’ Long Dream encompasses a nostalgia with an ineffable sense of security and a hint of sad longing.
Furthermore, this work encapsulates the very atmosphere and the serendipitous essence of improvisation. The overall experience resembles that of breathing itself.
Along with the loose length of each song and a gentle sustenance, the album is enveloped by a ubiquitous je ne sais quoi that will surely put your heart at ease.

While everyday life is no longer easy, if you gently creak open the “inner door” of your heart, you will find a place that connects you to the wider world.
A testament to the power of music, this album makes one reminiscent of all that we experience as one with nature: from the seasons, to memories, to richness of life. What is it that you need to live? What is your top priority? Amid such musings, where it is easy to drown out trifling music, it is our hope that you can immerse your mind and body in our sound.


► coconoe(ココノエ) 2nd Ful Album『イルカは長い夢をみる – The Dolphins’ Long Dream』


01. イルカは長い夢をみる – The Dolphins’ Long Dream – 15:12
02. 夏にたゆたう – Adrift in Summer – 10:21
03. 太陽の階段 – Stairway to the Sun – 15:25
04. 朝露 – Morning Dew – 15:20

– クレジット –
all tracks produced by coconoe

kita kouhei : drums, arraymbira, kalimba, and all percussions
shingo mimura : piano, upright bass, electric bass, guitar
takayama naoko : vocal, chorus

except : crunchy sound by : cello the cat (track 1)
chorus by : saori tsutsumi (track 3)
chorus by : tano shiro (track 3)

recorded at studio guzli, kyoto and akari records, kobe 2019-2020
mixed by kita kouhei
mastered by shingo mimura

translated by alison watts (tracks 2&3, and all titles) and marian kinoshita (track 1)
translation support by : yoichiro tachibana
artwork drawing by unno atsutaka
artwork design by kita kouhei

released by neuf

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